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Spring Dowel Sleeves

We manufacture spring dowl sleeves. We offer spring dowel sleeves that are Light Series and Heavy Series. The different kinds of spring dowel sleeves offered by us can vary in terms of dimensions and type of raw materials used.

Spring Dowel Sleeves (Heavy Series) DIN : 1481 IS : 5988

(Above 5mm Nominal Dia)
Upto 4.5 Niminal Dia

Spring Dowel Sleeves
(upto 4.5 Nominal Dia)
Spring Dowel Sleeve
(Above 5 Nominal Dia)

Spring Dowel Sleeves (Light Series)
Spring Dowel Sleeves
Up to 4.5 Nominal Dia
Spring Dowel Sleeve
(Up to 4.5 Nominal Dia)
Up to 5 mm Nominal Dia
Spring Dowel Sleev
(Above 5 Niminal Dia)


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