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:Our Product Range:

Wide Range of Internal & External Circlips, E- Clips, Hallow Spring, Dowel Sleeves, Spiral Dowel Sleeves, Grip type Retainer Rings, Star Washers Fan Disc Lock Washers, Bearing Washers, Belleville Washers, Dish Washers, Serrated Washers, C - Clips, Shim Washers, Snap Rings, Plain Washers and high precision press parts as per customer's special requirements.

:Product Standards:

As per IS & Din Standards or as per Customers design & Specifications.

:Material Used:

Our standard products are made from High Carbon Colled Rolled Steel to EN 42 J, EN 47, 50 CR V4 & Copper, Aluminium, S.S.304, S.S.316 specification.

:Special Thickness:

Circlips and Rings can be manufactured and supplied in non-standard thickness subject to prior enquiry and quotation.

:Heat Treatment:

We have our own Heat Treatment plant consisting of Sekar Hearth Furnace, Salt Bath Furnace. Different tests are carried out by qualified enginers to verify the heat treated products.


Our products are supplied in various finished like Bluing, Blackening, Zinc, Copper, Nickel, Chromes & Cadmium Plating, as per the requirements of our customers.

:Quality System:

As a part of ISO 9001:2000 activites, we have well defined Quality System.

:R & D:

Our R & D Department develop cost effective tooling solutions to meet individual requirements. This includes manufacturer of precision electronic components with or without grindind and lapping operation.

:Quality Manual:

We also have a quality manual, which demonstrates the quality system followed in the organization. It also specifies the company's quality policy and its objectives, which is clearly communicated and understood within the organization and reviewed periodically.

: Quality System Procedure:

We have established Quality system Procedures in line with our Quality Policy. Work instructions, quality records, contract review, document and data control, product identification and traceability, calibration and control of inspection, measuring and test equipment are few features of our Quality System Procedures. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is being used to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

:Quality Management System Audit:

Process Audit and Internal Audit are carried out as per Audit plans by senior members.

Internal Circlips
External Circlips
Spring Dowel Sleeves
Spiral Dowel Pins
Disc Washers
Snap Rings
Horse Clamp
Fan Disk Lock Washer
Star Washer
Wave Washer
Seeger Grip Rings for Shaft
Serrated Washer
Safety Washer
Spiral Pin (Coiled Type)
Spring Pins (Zig Zag Type)
Double Coil Circlip


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